About Yireo

Yireo is an internet company based in The Netherlands. We have a flexible team of freelancers and a strong affiliation with open source. We love technology and work to open it up to you, so you can benefit from it also. With our services you can focus on building great websites.


  • extensions
  • education
  • services


  • webdesign
  • development
  • hosting


  • content
  • site management
  • marketing

Extension development

Yireo is home to many Magento 1, Magento 2 and Joomla extensions. Some are offered for free, others are offered against a fee: This provides us with an income, and you with the guarantee of continued support and long-term development.


Yireo is also a full stack developer. We help you out where we can, as we have expertise on every level. Using our services, you can always hire Yireo experts to get the complicated job done against affordable prices.

Training & Education

Besides hiring us to do the job, you can learn it yourself as well: On our site, we provide tons of documentation that help you with using our extensions, but also Magento 1, Magento 2 and Joomla in general. Also, we provide books and custom training on various topics like programming and tuning.

Community effort

Yireo helps webdevelopers build great Magento and Joomla sites:


We provide free extensions, either on our site or via GitHub


We provide tons of free tutorials for Joomla and Magento


We sponsor numerous worldwide events and local usergroups


We give regular talks with various topics on usergroups and other events

Voluntary work

We help out some NGOs with hosting and system administration


We write books to explain you everything on a specific topic

Yireo in numbers

Visitors per month
~ 18.000
First bash command
First Joomla site
First Magento

Getting in touch with Yireo

Sales and support for all Yireo extensions is offered exclusively through this website - preferably through the Support Forums. Also see Help for more information. We do not offer phone support or through Skype, unless explicitely mentioned as part of a specific service or subscription.

History of Yireo

Yireo was originally founded through a Dutch company in 2008, but various developers left this company in 2011 and started Yireo as an independent company. Since then, the company size of Yireo has remained small, but various freelancers now make up the Yireo team as well.

While Yireo started as a tutorial-club in concept, its focus moved to extension-development after releasing a first draft of MageBridge in 2009. Since then, numerous other Joomla and Magento extensions have been released. Since late 2012, the Yireo portfolio has also been expanded with custom services to aid webdesigners and webdevelopers in their work. In 2014, the move was made to focus on training and education, starting with a book Programming Joomla Plugins written by founder Jisse Reitsma.

Together with the book, we decided to focus more and more on trainings: The year 2015 was filled with Joomla development trainings and Magento 1 development trainings. Early 2016, Yireo organized a succesful Magento 2 Seminar with 220 attendees, and since then we have been focusing on Magento 2 development trainings as well.