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Yireo Blended Learning

A clever combination of On-Demand and Live Training

Combine On-Demand training material with teacher Q&As, live evaluation sessions and personal guidance. You'll consume the lectures whenever you have time for it, but still get the personal touch, just like with live trainings

Here's what we call Blended Learning

On-Demand Training

All materials of our On-Demand training including videos and text tutorials

Teacher support

Additional guidance via email & slack, whenever you need help or have uncertainties

Personal session

Additional mentorship by teacher, to help with personal learning goals

Online content & teacher guidance

Merging live trainings with On-Demand online courses: Yireo Blended Learning gives you the combination for modern-day learning. You'll study things at your own pace. However, whenever you feel you're stuck, you can fallback to the teachers with questions or request clearifications.

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