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Benefit from a modern way of e-learning
in a time that requires remote working.

Training people online is efficient and cheap

While education often boils down to students sitting together in a classroom, the option for online training is often disregarded as being less efficient. Or worse, it is seen as just watching some video recordings online, while the watcher is not engaged and easily distracted. This is not how we work: The Yireo strategy is focused on reducing costs and making online learning effective. Here's how we do it.

How we make online training efficient

Live instructor-led sessions

Through live training sessions, teacher and students have a way to directly connect, which enhances the learning experience. Questions can be raised by mouth or chat, responses are direct. This two-way interaction makes an online session much more effective than watching a couple of videos online. On top of this, the session is recorded, so you can review things at any time you want.

Using the right tools

A typical online Yireo training combines proper conferencing software like Zoom with online on-demand courseware, sample code from Git repositories, shared documents like Google Docs or wikis, and communication channels like Zoom chat and Slack. Both theory and practice are consumed in the right way.

Blended learning

Often we still mix in-person meetings with online sessions, so that a personal relationship is established, which eases the communication via webcams and headsets. This is also where Yireo its effort for organzing meetups, hackathons and conferences like Reacticon and MageTestFest come in. We become friends and thus learn from each other.

Topics we can pick

  • Magento 2 Technical Architecture
  • Magento 2 Theming
  • Magento 2 JavaScript
  • Magento 2 Backend Development
  • React Fundamentals
  • React & Redux Architecture
  • VueJS Fundamentals
  • Vue Storefront topics
  • Magento PWA Studio
  • Docker

Choices to make together

  • Watching videos or attend a real-time session?
  • Train from scratch or prepare the students in advance?
  • Only online or a combination with in-house training?
  • A full day or a few hours every day?
  • Train the whole team or only the lead developers?
  • Stroopwafel or no stroopwafel?

Interested? Let's get into contact

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Some of the customers that we have trained in the past years

What you get out of it


All training sessions are recorded, so you can review them afterwards and/or share it with collegues that couldn't attend the training.


We'll share with all attendees courseware created by Yireo: Each topic has its own slideset that can be used as in-depth reference afterwards.

Hands-on knowledge

Instead of keeping theory theoretical, we turn every topic into practice, with real-life scenarios, hands-on coding and unbiased opinions.

Online benefits

By running the course remotely, every attendee is able to attend in her/his way that fits best: Part-time parenting, quiet space, flexible hours - it can all be taken into account.

Not for everyone

Online training is not for everyone. Not everyone is capable of staying focused in an online environment for a long time. For large groups or groups that are not used to remote working, it might be better to schedule an in-house training instead. We regularly visit agencies for in-company training. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions there.

Likewise, some people are very good at self-study. Make sure to give them the opportunity to grow in their own way. Online video courses and documentation might already guide them in the right direction. However, they might also benefit a lot from attending developer events like our Reacticon and MageTestFest.



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