Getting help

On our Yireo site, you can find numerous extensions for both Joomla! as Magento - both free as commercial. We find that extensions can not be put to proper use, without good documentation - so within our Tutorial-section you will find a wealth of documentation.

Yireo Support Forums

If our tutorials do not answer your questions, or if you need support for a specific problem: Our Yireo Support Forums are the place to get more support. When you place your question, make sure to describe your problem clearly and include enough extra details (extension version, PHP-version, steps you took to replicate the problem, etcetera).

Support through mail

If you have a question that is impossible to ask through the Yireo Forums, you can also send us an email. Our support-address is Please note that the forums is still the primary way for getting support - unless you need to submit sensitive information.

Business hours

Support is only given as is and there is no warranty for the level of support you get. The Yireo Team normally works under business hours in the Western European timezone (UTC-1).