Possible jobs at Yireo

For custom implementations of Magento projects (entire shops but also subprojects), and development of various Magento-oriented services, Yireo is looking for an experienced Magento developer to join its team. Yireo is one of the leading extension developers, not focussed on rapid growth, but focussed on fun and technical innovation. Let’s join up!

How can we join forces?

We like to see Yireo as a network of professionals instead of a standard company. There’s no official job position - there is only a team of freelancers that are working tightly together. Your expertise will be added to the qualities Yireo offers to its customers - leading continuously to new technologies and services. In short, you are part of the process that shapes Yireo.

Yireo is involved in releasing numerous Magento extensions and fixed-price services (free and commercial) but picks up custom projects as well - we would like you to help out with both. Custom projects are done more efficiently while reusing code from extensions or earlier projects, while great extensions again see the light because of those custom projects.

How we work

We work from wherever we want to work, allowing you to join in from anywhere you want. Our office is the internet, Skype our communication-channel, git our tracking tool. Projects are not guaranteed, but as Yireo is expanding, there is always some work to be done. Most team-members are Dutch (The Netherlands) at this moment, but as Yireo is focusses on the world as a whole, your location is less important (except for the timezone stuff). Your English should be good to fluent.

What we are looking for:

For the area of Magento development, we are looking for a senior PHP-developer with solid knowledge of Magento: Coding with Magento observers and events gets you awake. Dealing with SOAP, design patterns and PHP-frameworks (ZF but also others) is also your thing. No backend developer escapes from dealing with frontend stuff once in a while: Coding PHTML-templates should be done with ease, while there should be also some knowledge of jQuery and ProtoType. The goal is to let frontend-developers deal with HTML and CSS, while your job involves the more difficult parts. It would be a pro if you don’t think Joomla! sucks - but not a requirement. Code should be clean and open.

To give you an impression of what kind of jobs are awaiting, here are 3 examples:

Example 1: Auto-switching customer-groups

A customer registeres on the Magento frontend with a specific code, that should give the customer direct access to specific discounts. To implement this discount, tier pricing with customer-groups is implemented. For this to work, you will need to write an observer that automatically switches customer-groups by listening to the customer_save_after event.

Example 2: Performance done the smart way

With Magento, performance always is an issue. There are some cool profilers out there, but still analysis needs to be done. We are revamping our Magento Performance Insights service to be completely web-based instead of generating a PDF-report. There’s a shitload of work to do here (data-polling, dynamic graphs). One task for instance is to make sure that remote data-retrieval works, even when the customers environment is crappy.

Example 3: JavaScript drag-n-drop for Configurable Products

For a client-site, some configurable options need to be selected through fancy drag-n-drop effects (jQuery-based). Every time a change is made, other options might be effected as well, including the price. You will get to design and program the entire thing.


Besides the right technologies, the working tools are important too. Choose whatever IDE you want (PhpStorm, Eclipse, emacs), but working with Git is a must. While some projects run over GitHub and Assembla, we also have our own Yireo Git servers. Using Git for Yireo requires you to commit fast and document all your steps. Also, documentation should be your thing, because we try to fix every frustration we encounter permanently. We also work with VPS-es, Nginx, Varnish, New Relic, etcetera.


Are you the Magento Ninja we are waiting for? Send us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a PM over tweet @yireo.