Joomla! plugin Auto Login IP

yireo-autologinip-100The best tools are developed out of frustration. We are currently developing a site, which shows an offline message to all visitors. But the offline-page is styled nicely by removig the login-form and just showing a simple image. But how to login? Using our new free Joomla! plugin Auto Login IP.

What it does

What the plugin does is very simple: It allows you to configure an IP-address (or more than one), and configure an user ID. Done. Every time when you access the site from that IP-address, you will be automatically logged in as that user. Ofcourse we still see improvements along the way: Make it easier to select the user by using some kind of modal window. Make it possible to set different users for different IPs. But hey, we found this already to be a huge improvement of our situation. Hope you do too!