Upgrade Yireo site design

yireoiconsThe current design of the Yireo site has been revamped a couple of times in the last 4 years, but has been kept the same for the major part. This is going to change. We are upgrading the entire site in phases, starting off with the extension-icons.


Yireo started in 2009 with a single extension (Joomla! component SimpleLists) but since then development has been expanding: Pretty soon after starting Yireo, the idea for developing a Magento-Joomla! bridge came to being - MageBridge - and since then we have developed more and more extensions, documentation and services to our portfolio.


Redesign of all extension-icons

After starting Yireo, extension-icons were constructed quickly - mainly focussing on rapid development than on design. But this resulted in an abundance of icons that were not really fitting into the total design. That's now changing, with the introduction of a new icon-set. After the implementation of the icon-set we will gradually upgrade all design-elements of Yireo, including an upgrade to Joomla! 3 with a custom Bootstrap template, as well as design tuning of the logo, blog-pages, product-overviews, product-pages - well, in short, we are going to change a lot of things.