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Installing the Yireo ByAttribute module

Use the following procedure to download and install the Yireo ByAttribute module.

Downloading your module

The Magento module is available as a download in our shop, after you have purchased a ByAttribute support subscription. First, you will need to login to the Yireo-site by clicking on Login in the topbar.

Once you're logged in, you will be redirected to your Account page. On the left hand-side there should be a little menu with account settings, including a link Downloads. That link will allow you to download all your downloadable products including the Yireo ByAttribute module.

If the Yireo ByAttribute module is not in the list, you either did not purchase this product or something went wrong with the payment. It sometimes happens that your payment remains pending in our system, even if the payment was completed correctly by yourself. If this happens and within 24 hours nothing has changed the status, send us a mail at info@yireo.com and we will either fix the payment-status or send you the installation-file by mail.

Installing Yireo ByAttribute

Yireo ByAttribute can be installed in 2 different ways:

  • By uploading the MagentoConnect package to the Magento Connect application of your own Magento shop. See the Magento documentation on how to use your Magento Connect application.
  • By uploading the source files of the Magento module to your Magento root, using SSH, FTP or some other file manager. Make sure to extract the ZIP-files into the Magento root. Make sure the contents of the ZIP-file are uploaded to the root of the Magento site. The ZIP-file contains a folder app which should be copied to the root of Magento, which also contains a folder app. The actual module has files in both the default frontend theme (app/design/frontend) as the community code-directory (app/code/community).

After installing the module, make sure to flush the Magento cache using the Cache Management page. Afterwards logout from the Magento Admin Panel, and log back in.

To confirm that the ByAttribute module is in place, browse to System > Configuration > Advanced and check the list Disable Module Output. The listing should mention the Yireo_ByAttribute module as enabled.

Posted on 14 October 2009

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