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Troubleshooting Delete-Any-Order

When you are using the Delete-Any-Order module, you MUST have a proper backup available. Removing orders from the Magento database while Magento itself does not offer such an option, is dangerous - especially when using third party modules.

What kind of problems to expect?

There are two types of problems that could occur with Delete-Any-Order: Problems during the installation and problems during the usage of Delete-Any-Order. Please refer to the guide Installing the Yireo Delete-Any-Order module for dealing with installation issues.

Problems with the usage of Delete-Any-Order most likely involve pieces of information that are not removed from the database. Every Magento instance is different in this aspect, and we can't test every possible Magento configuration. If order-fragments are not properly deleted from the database, this could mess up orders being placed afterwards: Customer details do not match, shipping addresses point to the wrong customers. It is vital you fix these things quickly.

Make sure you have a valid backup at all times

Analyse first

Within the Delete-Any-Order overview you will find an Analyse button. Before posting questions, first use this button to see if Delete-Any-Order detects any left-overs. If left-overs are found, use the button Clean-up to remove those left-overs.

Ask Yireo for help

Because of the complexity of the Delete-Any-Order module, we will be glad to help you out if you run into problems. You can send us a mail at support@yireo.com or place your question on the Yireo Support Forum. However, in all cases, we need the following information to debug problems properly:

  • Magento version
  • Delete-Any-Order version
  • PHP version
  • MySQL version

Is Delete-Any-Order really not working?

If you have removed an order, and that order "is still there", please make sure you mention on which Magento page you can still see the order that should have been removed. Make sure to include screenshots and use the right Magento terminology - it's best to switch the admin language temporarily to English and use the terms used by the English interface to describe your problem.

Extra questions we will ask

With every support-question we most likely need an answer for the following questions:

  • Has this Magento site been upgraded from older Magento version or is it a fresh Magento site? If it is upgraded, which version was the original Magento application?
  • Are you using any other third party Magento modules, and if so, which?
  • Have you installed on this Magento site other third party Magento modules which now have been removed, and if so, which?

Note that we still support Delete-Any-Order even if other third party modules mess with the ordering information. However, we need all this information to troubleshoot things properly.

How to fetch the Delete-Any-Order version?

To fetch the current Delete-Any-Order version-number, you will need to access Magento on the file-level. Browse to the folder in which Magento is installed and open up the file app/code/community/Yireo/DeleteAnyOrder/etc/config.xml. In this file you will find the following XML-tag which shows you the version:


The current version can be found on the Delete-Any-Order product-page.

Posted on 6 December 2009

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