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Limitations of Vm2Mage

Vm2Mage tries to migrate information as best as it can from VirtueMart from Magento, but some information is just not fitting into the Magento world. This article lists the current limitations of Vm2Mage.

System requirements

Take note of the official system requirements of Vm2Mage. You might need to upgrade VirtueMart to the latest version first.

Different prices without different SKUs

If you create a VirtueMart product and you want the price to vary depending on the options you choose, the right way is to create subproducts that have different properties. Following this parent-child concept, every subproduct also gets its own SKU and its own price. This functionality is identical to the functionality of Magento Configurable Products.

But older VirtueMart installs don't follow this principle. With older installs, you can add properties to a single product and vary the price accordingly. Unfortunately this kind of configuration is not supported by Magento, and is there for not migrated.

Salted MD5 passwords

Joomla! has introduced the concept of salted passwords, when saving customer records. These salted passwords are migrated by Vm2Mage to Magento without problems. But the Magento authentication-mechanism by default is not compatible with these passwords. You can use our free Magento extension JoomlaPassword to make Magento compatible with Joomla! encrypted passwords. Alternatively you can issue a password reset for all migrated user-records using generic Magento procedures.

JoomFish translations

Translations of VirtueMart created with JoomFish (or other multilingual extensions) are not migrated by Vm2Mage.

Posted on 4 January 2010

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