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Reviewing your Vm2Mage migration strategy

Before migrating VirtueMart data to Magento, you need to think things over. Vm2Mage is like a swiss-army knife. Migration is easy, but you need to understand how this migration works and how you should use Vm2Mage for your specific situation. This can be done by setting up a migration strategy.

General guidelines

To start with, the following guidelines should be considered:

  • Categories should be migrated before products
  • Products should be migrated before users

Specific things to think about

Apart from this, you will need to create an overview of the following:

  • Do all VirtueMart data need to migrated or just some?
  • Is the VirtueMart database intact? Does the VirtueMart install meet up with the Vm2Mage requirements?
  • Do you have a proper backup, and importantly, do you know how to restore from this backup?
  • Do all the categories need to be migrated to the same Magento Store?
  • Do all the products need to be migrated to the same Magento Store?
  • Do all the products need to be migrated to the same Magento Product Tax Class?
  • Do all the customers need to be migrated to the same Magento Customer Group?

Please read our other Vm2Mage tutorials to get more information on how to answer these questions.

Posted on 4 January 2010

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