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Video: Remove Estimate Shipping and Tax block in Magento

On the bottom of the shopping cart page of Magento a block with Estimate Shipping and Tax is shown. But sometimes this block is wanted. This Magento video tutorial shows you how to remove this block.

{youtube yN5pQom-hU4}

Removing the block from the page requires a modification of the Magento theme. If you're using a Magento default theme, we recommend not to make direct changes to the theme but create your own subtheme as well (and use the default theme as parent theme).

The modification is made within the file checkout.xml. The block you want to delete is defined with the following XML-line:

<block type="checkout/cart_shipping ...<

Remove this line. Also make sure your Magento cache is refreshed - parts of the original XML are remembered by Magento until you refresh the cache.

Posted on 5 February 2010

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