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All extensions unpublished from JED? Screwed

When we thought our day could not get worse - after unpublishing MageBridge based on wrong reasons - it just got worse: All our Yireo extensions got unpublished. It seems somebody in the JED has the pick on Yireo, or simply does not under the workings of open source. Why got these extensions unpublished?

Why are all Yireo extensions unpublished?

Well, actually not all extensions were unpublished - but 9 out of 13 extensions is pretty much - both commercial as free extensions. For instance, our WebP plugin got unpublished because it had 1 index.html missing in the JavaScript-folder.

So what happened here?

We feel the JED is not overseeing their actions. What happened here is:

  • We spent a lot of time on creating extensions - both free as extension
  • Happily we apply to enlist these extensions on the JED
  • Magically these extensions are listed without problems
  • We therefor build a business case around the JED
  • Suddenly the JED changes rules without notifying us
  • Suddenly all extensions are unpublished
  • For every extension, we have to wait at least 30 days before it may be gets published again
  • We get very disappointed in the JED and the functioning of a community-site like this
  • We consider changing our business case and perhaps move away from Joomla!
Is this how a community-based listing should behave? We don't think so.

For the fun? Well, if you treat us like this, the fun is gone

The point the Gods of JED seems to make is perhaps not clear, but we interpret it like this: We have been selling extensions for Joomla! and Magento for a couple of years now, and have come to the conclusion that we earn about 80% of our income with Magento extensions, and only 20% (or actually less) with Joomla! extensions. It would be a good business case to drop Joomla! extensions alltogether and focus solely on Magento instead.

So why keep going with creating Joomla! extensions? To be honest, this was because Joomla! is much more fun. We enjoy the socializing during JAndBeyond, we enjoy working with a great framework. But certainly, if the JED makes it impossible to make money for us, plus we get very disappointed and mad with this entire process, why waste time on something that is costing so much frustration?


We are disappointed. Will take a rest now, not make any attempt to republish the extensions, perhaps take them out of production, because we should not focus on frustration. Thanks for the great spirit, mister JED.

Posted on 24 May 2012

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