New versions for BingTranslate extensions

We just released new versions for our BingTranslate for Joomla! extension (0.1.3) and our BingTranslate for Magento extension (0.1.8). Both extensions allow you to translate content safely from within your backend, and apply the Microsoft API to translate your content. But the Microsoft API changed, so an update was required.

Translating from within your backend

Everybody knows that translating content automatically isn't perfect. But applying the popular GoogleTranslate widget to your frontend, means that this auotmatic translation happens at every page load. Not only does this slow your site down, but if the translation is really bad, there is no way to correct it.

Instead of working from the frontend, our extensions add the automatic translation to the backend. You are in control of the automatic translation. Simply use the translate-button to translate your article using Microsoft Translate, and if you don't like it, change it afterwards before saving the article to your database. Simple and straightforward - but much more effective than a frontend-based translation.

Changes in the Microsoft Translation API

The Microsoft Translation API (previously labelled Bing Translate API) has moved from a simple API-key authentication to a full blown OAuth authenticaiton. While both methods existed for some time, Microsoft is now phasing out the old schema, in favor of OAuth. OAuth is an open standard for authentication and uses multiple steps for authentication: First a token is obtained, then this token gives access to the resources you want. We have now implemented OAuth in both BingTranslate for Joomla! as BingTranslate for Magento.

The procedure for getting the translation-API running has changed as well. On the Windows Azure marketplace, one needs to register a new application. The Client ID and Client Secret for this application need to be configured within our extensions. Our online tutorials explain you the details.

Written by Jisse Reitsma op 21 August 2012

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