TrashCan - undo delete of Magento content

Whoops, you modified a product in Magento, but instead of saving the product, you accidently deleted the product. And your frustration of course grows when you find out that Magento does not have a recycle bin. Our new TrashCan extension might be a life-saver.

Restoring products, CMS-pages and static blocks

Currently TrashCan is able to restore Magento products, CMS-pages and static blocks that you might have deleted. Any of these items that is deleted, can be found on the Trashcan-page (System > Trashed Items) and can be either restored or permanently deleted.

The TrashCan-extension hooks into the delete-event - it doesn't use core hacks, is 100% open source and works for any tool used to delete-products: Within the Magento Admin Panel; from a third party ERP-system connected to Magento; from command-line scripts.

Get it now!

When you have a Magento webshop that requires a lot of maintenance on Magento products, a recycle bin almost seems like a neccessity. Our Magento TrashCan extension is cheap and easy-to-use. Check out the TrashCan extension-page for more details.

Written by Jisse Reitsma op 27 August 2012

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