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Yireo goes GitHub

For some time, we have been publishing our sources on GitHub, but perhaps it is time to promote it a bit: Yireo goes GitHub! But what is GitHub and why is it useful to Yireo. Here are the ins and outs.

About GitHub and our sources

GitHub offers collaboration tools for developers, with its primary feature being Git - a versioning system that allows developers to keep track ot changes in the source-code of their software. Yireo already makes use of Git (and Subversion) but access to these sources is kept private - some extensions are free, other extensions are commercial, but sharing the sources also means giving the extensions away for free.

For the collaboration between Yireo team-members, the usage of a closed Git-server is fine. But for gettin ghe help of others, it is less useful. So far we had code-fixes or code-enhancements coming in through forum-posts or mail, but this is not efficient. This is why we have started to move all our free extensions from our private Git-server to the public Yireo space on GitHub. Already this is proving to be useful, we've had some gists coming in, and a bunch of pull requests - showing us that the move to GitHub is efficient in allowing others to co-develop together with us.

What about MageBridge?

While Yireo offers numerous Joomla! extensions and numerous Magento extensions, we are still best known for our bridge between Joomla! and Magento, MageBridge. The sources of MageBridge are currently maintained on a Subversion-server, and its sources are shared online. We plan to move our sources from Subversion to Git in Q1 2013.

One option that we are still considering is to copy those Git sources than to GitHub. This would allow anyone to play with our MageBridge sources (as it is possible now already), but add to the collaboration features of GitHub to it. We'll keep you up to date.

Posted on 31 December 2012

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