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Sponsoring JoomlaDay India 2013 ... why?

Yireo is sponsoring this years JoomlaDay India 2013 in Mumbai, and some friends of us have raised the question why. Here's why: We love India. Some pictures to share with you.

Why sponsoring?

While the market of India is huge, commercial extensions are often still high for Indian standards - well, at least ours. The few times that we sell extension to Indian companies, they are mostly involved with projects in Europe or the US. For Yireo, the commercial benefit of sponsoring is little.

However, we belief Yireo to be more than just an entity making money. Knowledge is shared, people are helped, and with a little advocacy for open source we try to open up technology for everyone. O yeah, it is about fun. And personally I had a lot of fun in Incredible India. So there it is: Sponsoring for fun.

And here's why we love India

Take a look at the pictures. We love India for this.

Small streets packed with people [Old Delhi close to Jama Masjid]

Shop-owner with a one-square-meter shop packed with books [Old Delhi close to Jama Masjid]

Humayun's Tomb (not the Taj Mahal)

Cloths drying on the shores of the Ganga river [Varanasi]

Offroad in Goa

Ferry action in Goa

Posted on 23 January 2013

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