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Version 0.0.6 of Magento Customer Size extension

Yesterday, version 0.0.6 of our CustSize extension for Magento was released. The new release brings various bugfixes, but most notably the creation of new fieldsets from within the Magento backend.

Creating customer-size profiles

If your Magento shop is used to sell clothing, you might use Configurable Products to create a separate product-item for each clothing-size that you offer. This works fine, but not with custom sizing. For instance, when you deliver custom-made suits or dresses, than there's a whole lot more sizes than just Small or Large. You need to define a waist-size, a total length, arm-length, etcetera. This is where our Customer Size extension comes in.

Customer Size extension

Our extension makes it possible to define sizes for customers. Customers can create profiles for their own or for others, and within these profiles, sizes can be filled in down. Once saved, the profile can easily be choosen when ordering a specific product X. The customer only has to enter the details once! That's customer service.

To make things as flexible as possible for you as shop-owner, you can define which sizes can be filled-in on the frontend. This is done from within the Magento backend: You can add size-fields, and assign each size-field to a fieldset. So from within the Magento backend, you can construct the profile-form that users can filll in on the frontend. Before, the amount of fieldsets was limited, but with the latest version of CustSize you can create an unlimited amount of fieldsets as well.

Posted on 17 February 2013

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