Give Magento return customers the benefit of discount

Let's say you bought a bicycle a month ago. But now your girlfriend needs a bike as well. And your favorite cycling webshop offers now the second bike with a 30% discount. I would be pissed that I'm not able to benefit from the 30% discount, just because I don't buy the bikes at the same time. That's how Magento works. But with our brand new Repeated Sales extension, this is going to change.

Include your customers previous orders when giving discounts

The principle of Repeated Sales is simple: Whenever a shopping cart rule is setup by you as Magento shop-owner, you can add an attribute Previous Order, so that the rule not only applies to the products currently in the shopping cart, but also to all products that were previously purchased.

The extension creates this product attribute Previous Order (previous_order) once it is installed in Magento. The product attribute is then visible within the cart rules, and serves as a marker to match those products, that are part of the order history of the customer. The trick is simple but adequate. A must when trying to keep your return customers happy.

Written by Jisse Reitsma op 10 February 2014

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