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Expert Session: Joomla Usability

Years ago, Yireo organized various bootcamps in The Netherlands - fun events where technical info was exchanged. Well, we're back! Together with Perfect Web Team, we are putting together an expert session on Joomla Usability. So what is the deal?

Joomla Usability

When you are a developer, you often forget that tasks that are as easy as hell for yourself can be quite difficult for editors and managers. Usability tests might give you unexpected results: Content editors might take long times to create new articles; managers might find it difficult to keep to the correct workflow of publishing content; and worse, your end-users might not find your site usable at all. While Joomla is often dubbed as user friendly, there is always room to improve that friendliness.

Luckily for us developers, Joomla is more than just a basic CMS. It is also a framework: It offers way to customize things at will without hacking any core element. And you don't even need to be a hard-core PHP hacker! With a few tricks, you can change the behaviour of Joomla while still maintaining the ability to update the Joomla core whenever you need to.

October 24th in Almere, The Netherlands

On October 24th 2014, we - Yireo and Perfect Web Team - will start the first try-out of a series of expert sessions. And this time, we will focus on Joomla Usability: Hidden setings in Joomla, useful extensions and a few output overrides is all you need to unlock the power of Joomla. It does not stop there: With a few custom Joomla plugins, you can optimize a site even more. The JForm library, used as base for most if not all forms in Joomla, is key here - allowing you to modify or add fields using simple XML files.

During this expert session, Sander Potjer (Perfect Web Team) and Jisse Reitsma (Yireo) will reveal to you whatever is needed to optimize Joomla for usability. The session takes place in Almere, The Netherlands, during the whole Friday afternoon - finishing with a drink and chatter. Note that the entire session will be in Dutch.

We hope to see you there!


Posted on September 22, 2014

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