Joomla Beat interviews Jisse Reitsma

Tuesday 13th, last week, we had the honor of having Yireo founder Jisse Reitsma being interviewed by Joomla Beat - an online podcasting service for Joomla enthousiasts. Here is a summary of that podcast.

Talking about bridges and books

In his interview, Pete Bui asked Jisse about his backgrounds and his relation with Joomla and Magento. Yireo started as a company focussing on Joomla, but back then (2008 or so) - in a market of few good open source e-commerce solutions - Magento emerged as solution. From that moment on, Yireo focussed on two parts: Joomla and Magento. The bridging solution MageBridge was part of that, but nowadays Yireo offers numerous native Joomla extensions and native Magento extensions. We simply love both systems.

The interview also covered the new book of Jisse - Programming Joomla Plugins - which was released in December 2014. The book covers the vast and underestimated topic of plugin events for both beginners and experienced gurus.

Links and thanks

The audio podcast can be found here:
The video is uploaded to YouTube here:

We would thank Joom Beat for interviewing us and allowing us for the opportunity to share with you some personal notes and accomplishments. Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Written by Jisse Reitsma op 19 January 2015

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