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MageStackDay - February 13th and 14th 2015

On 13th and 14th of February 2015, it is time for MageStackDay - two days in which the Magento community will try to solve as many as open questions on the Magento Stack Exchange site as possible. Yireo is joining in! Let's see what this is all about.

Forums in the Magento sphere

If you are familiar with the Magento Stack Exchange (SE), the whole purpose of MageStackDay needs less explaining. If you are wondering what Magento Stack Exchange is, here it is: The official Magento site has housed official community forums for a long time. Unfortunately, there were huge issues with those forums: Less activity by Magento core developers, more spam and even worse performance issues. The official forums were simply far from perfect.

In 2013, the SE site was used to create a new Magento space to support the community in a better way. While there have been other initiatives for a better Magento forum, the Magento SE proved to be the most popular. The Magento team also caught up on this and instead of trying to improve their own forums, they have decided to freeze their own forums - so, not allowing any new posts - effectively allowing the Magento SE to grow. Currently, the official Magento forums are as good as dead, while the Magento SE is vibrant and kicking. If you have a question regarding Magento, the Magento SE is the place to go to.

Solving issues with lightspeed

As with most community fora, there is always a chance that questions are coming in faster than answers. Unresolved issues pile up. Initiatives like the MageStackDay are therefor needed to rebalance: By answering as many questions as possible, solving as many issues as you can, the list of outstanding issues can be shortened in just a couple of days. And this is going to happen on 13th and 14th of February 2015!

Supporting the community

With Yireo, we haven't supported the Magento community as much as we have wanted to. Yes we are creating and supporting free extensions and help out newbies from the Joomla sphere getting started with Magento. We also help out with a couple of local initiatives, like a Magento User Group, but that's local. But forum support has been sloppy. This is now going to change.

We are excited to be part of the MageStackDay and help out as much as we can. As Yireo is an entity in two worlds (Joomla and Magento), we can make some comparison with Joomla as well: Currently, Joomla organizes frequently so-called Pizza, Bug and Fun (PBF) sessions in which volunteers from all over the world help out fixing bugs, solving questions and testing new code commits. We would love to see MageStackDay become more popular and lead to more similar events. The way to do that is to participate.

Join in!

We would love for you to join MageStackDay as well! Do you develop Magento sites? Do you know your way in the Magento Admin? Do you code Magento extensions? Or are you just a happy camper with Magento? Chances are that you know some things that others don't. Share your knowledge during the MageStackDays of 13th of 14th February. To join in, spit out your tweets mentioning #magestackday or @magestackday and more importantly, help all your Magento friends with as many issues as you can. See you on Magento SE!

Posted on 31 January 2015

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