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Yireo sponsors JoomlaDagen NL 2015

Yireo is proud to be sponsoring the tenth (!) edition of the JoomlaDays Netherlands 2015. The days will take place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of April 2015 in Zeist. We are looking forward to this great event. Let's see what is up this year.

Tenth anniversary

The Joomla community in The Netherlands can be proud at itself because this year the JoomlaDays NL will be held for the 10th time. As far as we know it, the Dutch community is the first community to make such a claim. Ten years of Joomlers, ten years of great code development, ten years of working together, ten years of partying at every Joomla event. It will definitely make this years JoomlaDay NL event great and exciting.

Pannekoeken, bugs & fun

All over the Joomla world, the so-called Pizza, Bugs & Fun sessions are becoming more common and more popular. During these events, volunteers (both technical developers as non-technical testers) join in to fix bugs from the Joomla Issue Tracker. Roland Dalmulder has scheduled a PBF session for friday afternoon right before the event itself. But with an amazingly Dutch twist, the P suddenly has been turned into Pannekoeken (pancakes). Personally, I'm also in for a P standing for Pils (beer). Anyway, Yireo is happy to join the PBF team and fix bugs all Friday night. We will turn the sugar rush of all the pancake syrop to good use!


Yireo is silver sponsor during this great event. Want to meet and greet? I'll be there and happy to shake hands. I will also be bringing a box with Programming Joomla Plugins books along, so if you want to get a copy, you'll know where to find me.

We are looking forward to another great event. See you there!

Posted on 5 February 2015

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