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[APRIL FOOLS] Announcing Rambo CMS

[Disclaimer: April Fools prank] We are proud to announce a new CMS that will blow you away: Rambo CMS. It is a fork from the current Joomla 3.4 branch, and it will bring you those pieces that are missing in Joomla: Quick development of new features, agile working teams and above all, a platform you will love. Come and join us!

Disclaimer: This is not real, this is an April Fools prank. There is no fork, there is no Rambo CMS that we are developing. There already is a Dutch Rambo CMS though, which is not related to us and which might be less explosive. We love the Joomla project and will not abandon it.

Rebuilding a CMS

Yireo has been a true-lover of Joomla, ever since its startup 10 years ago. However, we have seen its struggles with organization and coding. There were numerous clashes, reorganizings - and this all costed valuable time. Meanwhile, WordPress has slowly gained ground on Joomla, by being more reactive to what the community wants and by making things easier to use. We believed in Joomla for a long time, but now we feel the time is right to fork the project and create a new CMS: Rambo CMS.

You can check out its progress on GitHub here:

Why the name Rambo?

We have thought of the name for quite some time. Instead of opting for the usual Swahili language (how many people actually know that language?), we decided it would be better to base the name on a figure that we all know: Rambo, as in the Vietnam veteran that goes wild in Washington State and is completely focussed on his goal. So, a familiar name that everyone knows and that sticks.

Derived from this, our new project is also based on the Rambo Concept: to be completely focused on the ultimate goal. Our goal is to create a better CMS that is easy-to-use and can actually compete with WordPress.

Phase 1: Refactoring code

The first phase of the Rambo CMS will include the replacement of the copyright of Joomla with the copyright of Rambo. Just like has been done in the past, we can simply replace the keywords joomla with rambo. This work has already been done in the GitHub repo.

We also start restructuring the code a bit. Because the word plugin is often confused by WordPress people with the generic word extension, we have decided to rename this to rambots. (Personally, I'm already considering a new book Programming Rambo rambots.) Also, because MooTools has much more effects and abilities, we will replace Jquery with MooTools. The concept of components will disappear entirely, they will all be modules. We will adopt the Drupal Coding Standards to maintain code in a better way. To maintain friendly to all hosting providers, we will add in support for PHP 5.2 and older.

Next phases and you

We build Rambo CMS to be there for you, so we would love to hear what you think. Do you want to become a rambler too? Checkout the GitHub repository and let us know your opinion. Spread the love! Together we can build a new CMS that actually works: Rambo Rocks! #rambocms

To end with a quote from John Rambo himself:

Real heroes don't die, they just reload.


Rambo CMS is in no way affiliated to the Rambo CMS created under the domain

Posted on 31 March 2015

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