The Yireo Magento Performance Insights (MPI) service allows you to scan a Magento site for performance parameters, with as end-result a complete performance analysis. This scan is made possible by the Yireo_Mpi extension which needs to be installed in your Magento site before starting the scan. This document explains how to install and configure the Yireo_Mpi extension in your Magento environment.

Installing a Magento extension in general

Installing a new extension into Magento always requires the following steps:

  • Disabling the Magento Compiler if activated
  • Installing the extension using one of the installation methods in this document
  • Flushing or refreshing the cache via Cache Management or command-line (for instance magerun cache:clean)
  • Logging out from the Magento Admin Panel (to flush the admin ACL rules)
  • Re-enabling the Magento Compiler if active before

With all of the installation methods mentioned in this document, the steps above also need to be included.

Installation method 0: Let us do it

If you are a technical merchant or developer, you might prefer to have things in your own hands. But if you want us to install the Magento extension for you, we'll do this for free. Just purchase your Performance Insights subscription, send us a mail with Magento Admin Panel credentials plus FTP or SSH details, and we'll take care of the installation.

Installation method 1: MagentoConnect

You can download a MagentoConnect package from our site and install that extension. This MagentoConnect method is the method used by many merchants because it is easy. If you are a developer yourself, you should be looking for the other methods instead. 

  • Download the MagentoConnect package from our own Downloads page
  • Login to your Magento Admin Panel
  • Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  • Login to your Magento Connect Manager
  • Use the Upload field to upload the extension package

Installation method 2: File patch

This is the preferred way if you are using a version control system like git. From our Downloads page, you can download a file patch containing all of the extension files.

  • Download the file patch package from our own Downloads page
  • Extract all files to your own computer
  • Upload all files using FTP or SSH to your Magento root.

Installation method 3: Modman

We think modman is cool. The Yireo_Mpi extension is also hosted on GitHub ( and there you will find a modman instruction file as well. This allows you to install the extension as follows (assuming modman has already been initialized):

$ modman clone

Installation method 4: Composer

We think composer is even cooler than modman. With the GitHub sources mentioned above (method 3), you can also install the Yireo_Mpi extension using composer. Usually, a composer require command would do the trick. However, it is also needed to include our Yireo_Satis channel to your composer file. This is explained here:

Configuring the Yireo MPI

Once the module has been installed, you will also need to enable the module by configuring an API Key. Login to your Yireo Account first to access your Performance Insights subscription and get the pre-configured API Key from there.

Next, login to your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System > Configuration > Yireo MPI. Within the Settings you can configure the API Key as obtained in your Yireo Account.

Again, back in your Yireo Account under Performance Insights, you can now edit your site details and run the scan to deliver the report automatically.

Troubleshooting the Yireo MPI extension

If you run into issues, feel free to contact us via While troubleshooting things, it is useful to know that the Yireo_Mpi extension ships with a System Check page, accessible via the Magento backend menu System > Tools > Yireo MPI.

Uninstalling the Yireo MPI extension

To uninstall the extension, either use the uninstall procedure from the chosen installation method above, or remove the files manually. The following files are involved in this module:


There are no database changes except for configuration parameters.

Posted on September 4, 2015

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Author Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma is the founder of Yireo, extension developer, developer trainer and 3x Magento Master. His passion is for technology and open source. And he loves talking as well.

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