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October 23rd - Expert Session - Joomla security

Perfect Web Teamand Yireo are once again joining forces to create an exciting day full of Joomla techtalk. On October 23rd, an expert session will be held in Bussum (at the PWT office) on Joomla security.

Security in focus

Joomla is one of the more popular open source CMS-es and this makes it more attractive for hackers. Sites get hacked, leaving the site owners with a lot of work. Preventing hacks should therefore be on the agenda: What can you do to prevent your site from being hacked? What tools are out there to help you with this? And what can you do yourself?

Joomla is insecure?

One of the things we still hear sometimes is that Joomla is insecure. Yes, we have to admit there were some huge security issues in the past, similar to most software applications. For instance, most if not all operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etcera) have had their security issues, but that does not stop from you using a computer. In general, those developers that state that the Joomla core is insecure, have gotten their information from the days of Joomla 1.5 - these developers dwell in the past. Nowaways, Joomla is reliable and secure.

However, there is still a lot that you can do yourself to make things insecure. This expert session will focus on all aspects of security and will be a good kickstart for you to tighten the security of your site even more.

Location, date and language

The expert session on Joomla security will take place in the afternoon of Friday October 23rd in the Watertoren office of Perfect Web Team in Bussum, The Netherlands. All will be in Dutch. Tickets are available via the Perfect Web Team website. Hope to see you there!

Posted on 14 October 2015

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