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Joomla programming training in Germany

Last week I travelled down to London to give a development training to a group of Joomla enthousiasts from the UK. The training went well, the people were extremely satisfied, so I'm quite confident to move to the next European city: Frankfurt.

Travelling circus of Yireo Education

Yireo has held already numerous trainings in The Netherlands and all of them were a great success. However, moving beyond the boundaries of Holland always seemed challenging. Just like with most challenges, simply making the first step opens up for many more steps. So our first step is in London, our second step is in Frankfurt.

So are you located somewhere in the south of Germany and do you want to upgrade your coding skills? This is your chance: Make sure to grab a ticket soon, because it might be a while before we're back in Germany.

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Crash course

The trainings cover Joomla programming under the label crash course meaning that as much knowledge as possible is transferred in a single day, making sure the teacher and the students crash at the end of time. The end result is that the training is really efficient, but all the knowledge also takes some time to sync in. The feedback from students on this approach is always positive, because the fast pace makes the training also very economical (in other words: the training is worth an investmet).

Beyond this training

We are preparing much more in the area of training: We are working on an e-course on Joomla module programming (so not plugins, components or templates, just modules). We are organizing various Magento trainings and events (Magento performance, Magento 2). And because a lot of students want to dive deeper into PHP itself as well, we are planning to put together trainings for PHP OOP somewhere in 2016 as well. Hope you like it :)

Posted on 5 November 2015

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