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Magento 2 Seminar - January 22nd 2016

November 17th 2015, it will be one of the most exciting times of the year: Magento 2 Stable will be released. On January 22nd, Yireo will organize a Magento 2 Seminar in The Netherlands to make Magento 2 practical for you. Here are some details on what this event will bring you.

Magento 2 is about to be released

Magento 2 is coming: This is great news - I hope you agree. However, when we asked around how many people were actively engaged with Magento 2, the result was a bit disappointing. Everybody is waiting for the great moment. But if that moment arrives, then what? Everybody is still waiting for everybody, and that's a huge issue.

So we have decided to take up the challenge and convince everybody to work together to use Magento 2. On January 22nd 2016, you get the chance to meet up with most of the important players in The Netherlands, that have committed to Magento 2: Hosters, implementors, webdesigners, shop owners (merchants), developers ... plus some people who have actively made Magento 2 become a reality.

Getting our hands dirty

Instead of sticking to the promotion of Magento 2, we will focus on practicalities: What does Magento 2 have to offer for all of us? How should we be migrating our shops, services and products from Magento 1 and Magento 2 - both practically and economically? We will discuss migration paths, costs, planning details, learning strategies and much more.

If you are already playing with Magento 2, this is the time to meetup with other players so that the glory of Magento 2 can be spread. If you are new to Magento 2, this is the time to start playing. The seminar will give you all the practical input plus the social networking that you need to make Magento 2 a success for yourself to.

Who's coming?

First of all, we have great sponsors: Zend, New Relic and Varnish have joined forces with us to make this event possible. There's also a great lineup of Dutch sponsors - make sure to check them out, because this is also the time to partner up with them. We are also extremely proud to have Ben Marks as a keynote speaker. More information on which other speakers will appear will be announced soon.

One afternoon focussed on Magento 2

The event takes place in the afternoon of Friday January 22nd, right after the two days of the Webwinkel Vakdagen. Location is Seats2Meet in Utrecht and we expect between 100 and 200 people to join us. In short, this afternoon can not be missed, if you want to focus on Magento 2 soon! Head over to the event site for more details:

Are you ready for this? Are you already aware of how awesome this event is going to be? Get your ticket now, and you'll profit from a Always Awake Bird ticket with 50 Euro discount. This promotion ends on December 1st 2015, so make sure to sign up before that time.

Posted on 15 November 2015

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