March 24th - Magento Tuning Guruclass

Magento requires tuning - we all know that. Saying that Magento is slow is something Magento-haters will say, but Magento-lovers will all agree that tuning is vital to have a faster Magento shop. So how to get to the most optimal configuration?

Tune everything

One approach is to tune everything that can be tuned. While we completely agree that performance enhancements should be made throughout your environment, spending hours on kernel parameters to increase the TCP window-size might not give the best result (especially when the culprit actually some kind of Magento extension that does not apply proper database indexing). Still, to tune things properly you need to be an allround full-stack specialist.

Tune only what you need

Another approach is to only tune that what matters. Specifically for this, we have developed our Magento Performance Insights service, which scans a specific Magento shop plus its environment, and comes up with a full report of what to tune. Instead of being generic, the report combines details like CSS merging settings (and extensions) in Magento with Google Pagespeed reports, it combines catalog settings and statistics with database parameters.

Years of experience

The Performance Insights scan is based on years of practical experience. Since 2009 we have been focused on Magento, and one of our main deals was always to make Magento faster and faster. Besides guiding non-technical merchants, we have also guided many hosters and developers, plus are offering various Magento extensions focusing on performance - most of them free.

Learn what to tune

There is a lot to know. To guide starting developers, technical merchants and hosters in optimizing Magento shops, we have put together a great training labeled the Magento Tuning Guruclass. The next scheduled training is on March 2th 2016 in Baarn, The Netherlands.

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Written by Jisse Reitsma op 25 February 2016

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