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Some Magento 2 whitepapers

For the Magento 2 Seminar we organized last January (and will still be organized again in October this year), we setup a few whitepapers to give a solid introduction to Magento 2 topics like development and code migration. The whitepapers were will received - they provide more tips and tricks than an average sales flyer - so therefore we love to share this with you too.

Whitepaper on Magento 2 Development

There are already many tutorials on the web that explain how to create Magento 2 modules, mainly focusing on CRUD and MVC. From our perspective, that's nice but the most important concept to grasp is Dependency Injection: Once you know how DI works, you can inject anything. Also, the new Magento 2 architecture sounds nice but there are still code smells to beware of. This whitepaper gives some interesting pointers on development.

Whitepaper on Magento 2 Code Migration

While the official Code Migration Toolkit is an important tool to use for code migration, it is not the only approach. Migrating bad Magento 1 code will result in bad Magento 2 code, so therefore migrating code should also lead to creating better improved code. This whitepaper deals with some of the practicalities.

Whitepaper for technical merchants with Magento 2

While Magento 2 is meant for merchants, the concepts of Magento 2 are so technical that the entire platform seems oriented towards developers than merchants. The upcoming years will prove what's going to happen with this: Either Magento 2 becomes more user-friendly, or merchants become more technical. This whitepaper shows some of the first concepts - mainly CLI tools that merchants should become aware of when working with Magento 2.

More whitepapers to come

Last week we organized a Magento 2 Development Training which was well received and gave way to even more tips and tricks, that we are eager to share with you. We have setup a new tutorial section on our site for Magento 2 tutorials and we will be expanding this section with guides in the upcoming months.

While the focus of Magento 2 is currently mostly on development, slowly merchants (technical merchants) are also opening up for Magento 2: We are scheduling various Magento 2 trainings for the self-sufficient shop owner and also the Magento 2 Seminar of October 2016 will be focused on merchants. Following from that, we will publish more guides oriented on merchants as well. So stay tuned!

Posted on 29 February 2016

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