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Our role as Magento 2 training partner

Since the arrival of Magento 2, Yireo has been focussing on this new platform a lot. While still paying attention to our legacy - Joomla and Magento 1 - the new architecture of Magento 2 has excited us. And we always preach that what we are excited about: Yireo is now offering Magento 2 trainings big time.

Overview of half a year Magento 2

While we played with Magento 2 in its alpha and beta stages, we decided not to go in business with it until the stable version came out, November 2015. Since that (wonderful) moment when 2.0 came out, we started to embrace Magento 2 rapidly though: We organized a Magento 2 Seminar (the second edition is coming up on October 21st 2016), we started migrating our own M1 extensions, we started discussing M2 during our monthly Magento User Group meetups.

Plus we started with Magento 2 trainings: The Magento 2 development course we have put together has been given 13 times already, at clients as part of a custom training program and as an open invitation classroom (Yireo Education). Because our aim was to focus more on trainings and education, we love the fact that Yireo has been able to prove its didactics and educational benefits, thanks to Magento 2.

Magento 2 tech stuff

It is hard to compare Magento 2 with Magento 1. While a lot of the APIs are the same, the internal architecture is completely different. For instance, code pools and the Mage god-class are removed in favor of XML-configured Dependency Injection. And this is just one of the many areas that changed. However, the end result is that Magento 2 offers an up-to-date modern flexible PHP base to build reliable e-commerce solutions on. Simply said, Magento 2 is the future of open source e-commerce - nothing is beating it.

The Inversion of Control aspect of DI is interesting from a didactional point of view: The inversion part requires a developer to think differently about the usage of his own code within the context of a framework. Instead of fetching dependencies yourself, you are merely requesting the dependency from the framework (or actually the DI container). During trainings, we have already encountered many times that M1 developers had a hard time to embrace this new concept. This strengthens the point that a physical training is often needed to teach developers properly. (That being said, our experience is also that Symfony or Laravel developers have far less difficulty in learning M2 because of their familiarity with concepts like DI and middleware.)

The role of Yireo

We are where we want to be. The goal of Yireo has been to stay alive as extension provider, to drop custom work and to re-focus as educational partner. Because of our role, I believe Yireo can be your perfect knowledge partner. There is no competition as solution provider, because we don't build sites, we don't run custom projects and we are not looking for long-term relationships with shop owners.

Instead, we focus on helping integration partners and developers getting their tools and knowledge up-to-date and ready for growth. Magento 2 is still fresh, and this has offered us a great opportunity of growing comfortable in this new role. So are you ready for Magento 2? If you are looking for a professional, in-to-depth Magento training, do consider checking out the opportunities that Yireo has to offer you.

Posted on 31 May 2016

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