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First sponsors for Magento 2 Seminar

We are happy to announce our first Silver Sponsors for the Magento 2 Seminar of October 21st 2016: Elgentos, Skyberate, Byte and MediaCT. With this bunch, the second seminar will be a great success without doubt. Let's take a first glimpse at what the all-renewed seminar will bring you.

Take two

Earlier, in January 2016, the first seminar took place. At first, we targetted between 30 and 50 people but the events proportions increased quickly: People were enthousiastic and the business world was eager to embrace Magento 2. The seminar of January 22nd attracted in the end 220 people which was far beyond our earliest expectations.

During the day, there were great talks from Magento devs like Ben Marks and Anton Krill, and a great line-up of Dutch speakers like Sander Mangel, Daniel Sloof and Vladimir Kerkhoff. The conference was pretty developer-oriented and the crowd learned a lot about Magento 2 techstuff.

Together with Zend, New Relic and Varnish

So let's beat those expectations again: This October, on the 21st, we will organize the second Magento 2 Seminar, and this time with a bit more body: Just like with the session at the start of 2016, the Golden Sponsors are Zend, New Relic and Varnish - three great ... no, awesome names in the Magento community and we are so thrilled to have them as sponsor.

Also, the day will last longer - with more time for talks and brain-transfers. And we will have two tracks: One developer track, one merchant track.

Silver Sponsors

On top of this, four Dutch companies have signed up already:

  • Elgentos specializes in cool technology and is one of the frontrunners with Magento 2 and super-active in the Magento community;
  • Skyberate was one of the first hosting providers to get Magento 2 ready with their solution being fast as possible, proving Magento2-critics to be wrong;
  • Byte is a hosting partner we all know, with cool stuff like the Hypernode platform (by-the-by totally Magento 2 ready) and MageReport;
  • MediaCT built the first Magento 2 shop in the Netherlands and shows with their expertise that Magento 2 is production-ready;

Up next

While the Magento 2 Seminar is still months away, there is already happening a lot:

  • Our next blog will focus a bit more on the organization of the next seminar: How we will focus more on merchants this time; community initiatives; the tracks.
  • More sponsors are lined up already!
  • We have some awesome keynotes, and will dedicate a blog on this soon. In short, Magento 2.1 got us inspired.
  • We have swag. Not just #mugmugs but also some plush.

The Always Awake Bird discount ends on July 20th. So if you want to benefit from a solid discount, get your ticket now!

Stay tuned.

Posted on 12 July 2016

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