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Magento 2 developer trainings in March and April

Here we are again: Last year and beginning of this year, we organized various rounds of Magento 2 developer trainings, and because the courses have been so popular, we are now repeating the same 4 trainings again March and April, starting this Friday (and we are open for last minute subscriptions!).

4 training days on Magento 2

This upcoming Friday we will start the series of 4 trainings again, each training focused on a different area of Magento 2 development. The whole series allows for a new developer to bring him- or herself completely up to speed with a minimal investment in time thus money. The trainings are given in our hometown Soest close to Utrecht (The Netherlands). All trainings are given in the Dutch language. Here's an overview of the trainings:

  • Magento 2 Theming I: The XML layout is something that Magento 1 developers are familiar with. However, Magento 2 changes the rules (and the technical implementation) drastically, requiring developers to dive into the XML differently. This training gives a complete overview of all the changes, including the change in handles and new elements like page types and starting points. Additionally, the training explains Blocks classes, PHTML templating, email templating, composer usage, the creation of theme options and much more. This training is not to be missed because it gives you the fundamentals for the other 3 trainings.

  • Magento 2 Theming II: We dub this training the JavaScript training, because it focuses heavily on just that: JavaScript. Forget about jQuery, think RequireJS and KnockoutJS instead. And it goes further than that: The training explains how KnockoutJS and RequireJS are integrated into the Magento 2 core - adding Magento specific configurations - and combined with XML layout and PHTML to create reusable UIComponents. The main example used in the training to illustrate this is adding a customizable step in the checkout. However, other scenarios like extending JS components are also dealt with.

  • Magento 2 Development I: This third training focuses on backend development instead, introducing the 6 configuration options for Dependency Injection, unravelling deployment options and composer usage, but also diving into the practical side of DI with catalog handling, a basic MVC module and common scenarios. This training gives you the fundamentals of backend development.

  • Magento 2 Development II: Finally, the first backend development course is completed with this second one, which is filling in highly important gaps. It explains how MVC modules connect to the database using repositories, collections and resource models. It picks up on routing, routers and controllers. It adds observers, cronjobs, SOAP APIs and layout processors to the big bunch, so that with the whole 4 trainings most common scenarios are covered.

Magento 2 is overwhelming and often a few days are not enought to get you started properly. Additionally, Magento 2 is overwhelming in its new technology. However, with our 4 day course, developers will be ready for running Magento 2 projects. It makes a solid investment.

Huh, English blog on Dutch trainings?

Hmm, yeah, good point. While we are giving English trainings-on-demand throughout Europe, our classroom-based trainings are still focused on The Netherlands. However, this will change in the near future with - we hope - some trainings in Germany (Aachen?) and the UK (via MageTraining). And additionally we are considering the options for online training as well.

Posted on 20 March 2017

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