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Next week, MagentoLive UK awaits us. And it is also your chance to dive into Magento 2 theming, including an in-to-depth JavaScript training in London. Check out the details.

MagentoLive UK 2017

From June 27th to 28th MagentoLive UK takes place: The annual Magento event that brings together the Magento community in the UK (and attracts Magento fans from abroad). There will be a lot going on: Mark Lavelle (CEO of Magento) will step up as prime speaker, Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal) will share his experience and stories, there will be a strong presence of Magento people plus various Magento Masters (including me). I'm already getting excited to be there with so many great people, plus without doubt, the usual interesting topics, talks, news and updates.

Magento 2 theming training

On top of this, I will be giving a Magento 2 frontend development training in London as well on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th. This is a joint venture with MageTraining, with whom we have been working together now for some time.

The training is perfect for developers who want to dive into Magento 2: The first day focuses on XML layout which seems strangely familiar if you have been working with Magento 1 but is still very different. Also, the training will talk about Block-classes, common Dependency Injection patterns, dealing with the $data configuration of blocks, LESS and SASS, Grunt and Gulp and how to override things in your theme. Be prepared to have your mind blown away with this training.

The JavaScript training

The second day continues with this theming topic. While XML and PHTML are still the fundaments of building the HTML document, JavaScript has been given a much more prominent role in Magento 2 as well: This has little to do with funny stuff with jQuery, it leans upon professional JavaScript practices. Scripts are lazy loaded through RequireJS and heavily rely on KnockoutJS and UiComponent architecture to do their work.

Most importantly, the KnockoutJS syntax in the DOM is hooked into UiComponents that allow for quick configuration through XML, plus extreme extensibility in various ways. Knowing about JavaScript has become vital and this training is the perfect kickstart to get going. Don't know how data-mage-init works? After this training, you will know all. Including some advanced topics like mixins, JS extends.

Become a Magento 2 developer!

Take this chance to become a pro too. Tickets are still available on the MageTraining site:

Written on 17 June 2017 by Jisse Reitsma

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Jisse Reitsma is the founder of Yireo, extension developer, developer trainer and two times Magento Master. His passion is for technology and open source. And he loves talking as well.

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