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Sebastian Bergmann speaks at MageTestFest

This November 2017, we are organizing an international Magento developer conference in The Netherlands - MageTestFest. And we are extremely proud to announce Sebastian Bergmann, founder of PHPUnit, as prime speaker. He is the main man for this main job at this main conference. And you're about to find out why.

Well, PHPUnit, that's why

If you talk about testing within PHP, you talk about PHPUnit. PHPUnit has been the de-facto tool for unit testing in PHP since day 1. There are different tools, but PHPUnit is by far the most popular tool and also the best tool out there. And when we were starting to put together MageTestFest, we realized in the first minute or so that we needed the presence of Sebastian Bergmann - the guy that wrote PHPUnit. So we asked him. And he said yes.


About Sebastian

But there is more to know about Sebastian than just PHPUnit. So he has a twitter account @s_bergmann. He is an active member in the PHP community, promoting things like PHP 7, the destruction of the Death Star Version Constraint (ref), coding practices and obviously testing.

He's also part of the German-based company thePHP.cc providing consultancy and training in the area of PHP development, specifically refactoring, testing, clean coding and best practices. thePHPcc will also be sponsoring MageTestFest, for which we are proud and happy.

3 MageTestFest speakers announced, 4 to go

Slowly the list of MageTestFest speakers is growing. Currently, the following fine gentlemen have committed to making MageTestFest a success:

But that's it for German speakers. You need to know when to stop. However, we still have four speakers to go. And we are really excited about them. This August will be all about announcing them. So expect more news on the next speaker in a few weeks time.

Posted on 3 August 2017

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