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Dutch Magento developer events in 2017

The Dutch know their stuff. If you're not Dutch, you probably have heard this. If you're Dutch, you probably don't know what that means, because we are just busy doing our stuff. Anyway, one of those things about the Dutch is that Magento-wise we're quite busy. Here's a peek at some of the things that we are up to.

MeetMagento NL 2018

Well, I'm not doing this in a chronological order. But the prime event of Magento in the Netherlands is MeetMagento NL. It was one of the first Magento events in Europe to be organized. While one of the main people behind this national conference is Guido Jansen, there always has been a strong presence of the Dutch community as well. Also, behind MeetMagento NL stands Dutchento, kind of the Firegento but then Dutch-style - it is the official representation of the community. The 2017 version of MM took place in May. The 2018 version will be around the same time next year.

MageUnconference NL - August 2017

So back to a chronological order: This August - only weeks away - the second Dutch unconference takes place. We Dutchies really stole this idea from the Germans, because that's what you do with good ideas. And this event is going to be great: Numerous developers sharing ideas, nice (!!!unprepared!!!) presentations and lots of fun. If you are a Magento developer in The Netherlands, you need to attend. The main man of this event is Sander Mangel while the event is also backed by Dutchento and many volunteers. I'm going to be there. And I'm bringing my tent!

MageTestFest NL - November 2017

This November, Yireo brings you yet another developer event. But this one is going to be different. Instead of inviting speakers from all over the place, with many difference expertises, MageTestFest focuses on one single topic - Testing - with specific experts in that field talking about their focus. An event like this has never been seen before. And with the speaker list slowly being revealed - Vinai Kopp, Sebastian Bergmann and Fabian Schmengler being already out there - this is definitely going to be awesome. Don't forget: Early Birds tickets are still available!

Peeking at 2018 titans ...

But wait, Mike, there is more: In 2018, MeetMagento NL and MageUnconf NL will be repeated. But internally, the Dutch community is also thinking about that other developer event that is so popular in other places. That thing with titans. And it might be brought to The Netherlands as well. I should not be telling you this yet, but I did anyway. Stay tuned!

Posted on 7 August 2017

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