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Yireo becomes member of Firegento

If you know the Magento community in Germany, you know about Firegento: It organizes various community events in Germany and it also hosts a Satis repository of composer packages. We are proud that Yireo is now also an official Firegento member! Isn't that weird?


Firegento has been a synonym for the Germany community for years already. While in Germany, it facilites events like unconferences and hackathons, outside of Germany it is most known for the Satis repository that hosts a good listing of composer packages - mostly Magento 1 modules.

For some years, I've been meeting up with Firegento members at German events like MageUnconference Berlin and MeetMagento Germany, but also international events like the Dutch MageUnconference, MageTitans events and other events. And following those events, I'm happy to say that I became friends with some of those members. Plus it has also given me a peek in the German community as a whole.

Firegento membership

I'm proud to say that we have now made that friendship more official through a Firegento membership. Yireo is Dutch - which is on its own of course a peculiar thing. However, the Firegento community is open also to non-German members. And we took that opportunity right away and applied for membership.

While for us, the membership is more a way of helping Firegento do its thing, it is also nice to know there are some benefits. For instance, this September, a member party is held at W├╝rzburg. And Firegento members also get access to low-priced trainings on various topics.

The Dutch and the Germans

While Yireo is definitely also a member of the Dutch community Dutchento, it is clear that the Dutch and the Germans have a lot in common. We love the open source nature of technology, work hard to get top-notch results and are capable of drinking a lot of beer.

Firegento rocks!

Posted on 18 August 2017

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