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MageTestFest has a location!

For our amazing Magento developer conference in November - MageTestFest - we finally found a fitting location: Prodent Fabriek in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Why? Because it breathes an industrial testy atmosphere that fits MageTestFest perfectly. Here's a sneak preview:

Short into on MageTestFest

We are shouting out about MageTestFest more and more (and apologize for our shameful spamming about this event that is simply going to blow people away) but for those of you who don't know about MageTestFest yet: Between November 15th and 18th, we are putting together an international developer conference around Magento.

Making a difference

While other developer conferences (MageTitans, MeetMagento, unconferences) focus on a series of topics, having a mixed of experienced and less experienced speakers pop up, MageTestFest is different and pedantic: There is only a single topic - testing - and there is only a small line-up of 8 speakers, most being a guru in the field of testing. MageTestFest is, therefore, doing nothing that has never been done before in the Magento ecosystem - it focuses on one technical topic so heavily, that developers should not miss out if they care about testing (or want to care about it).

And what about the location?

For the conference, including the workshops in the first 2 days and the hackathon (aka Contribution Day) on the last 4th day, all activities take place at the venue of the Prodent Factory. The name Prodent is important to Dutchies, because it is the brand of toothpaste we brush our teeth with the most. And while the owner of Prodent is alive and kicking, its factory in the city of Amersfoort was abandoned a few years ago.

The New City of Amersfoort

The Prodent Factory is part of a bigger project of the city of Amersfoort to renew an old industrial area, now known as The New City (De Nieuwe Stad). Located really close to the old historic city centre, just alongside the peaceful river of the Eem, The New City is home to artists, small companies, yoga teachers, schools, ship builders and now MageTestFest.

What we have for you

With MageTestFest, we are aiming for 200 to 300 developers and with the Early Bird tickets being sold now, we definitely believe that we can reach the 300 attendees. Why aim so how? Because MageTestFest is unique and one chance to dive into testing and learn from all of the gurus at once.

The workshops and hackathon are organized in smaller rooms - fitting the number of attendees nicely. However, the main conference day of November 17th will be held in a huge hall, part of it being used as a marketplace with cool sponsors and part of it being the sitting area where the sessions will be held.

MageTestFest is poetry

Through the old factory windows, you can look up at a sky of dark November rain and careful sunlight. Space is filled with a buzz, brains are crunching on technical topics and the music of Rammstein will wake you up. Insights are shown, gurus stand up, it inspires and it enlightens. Testing is for all of us a must. And MageTestFest is the poem that inspires you, additionally being the technical manual of practical instructions.

Early Bird discount ending in 9 days

As of yet, we offer an Early Bird discount that ends on September 12th. Are you thinking of coming over? Make up your mind and subscribe now, because ticket sales are picking up now already - even though we still have 2 full months to go! Be there or be square!

Posted on 2 September 2017

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