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James Cowie speaks at MageTestFest

Woohoo, we have James Cowie too! If you are a bit into testing within the Magento community, without doubt, you have bumped into Vinai and James and we are excited to have both speakers on stage with MageTestFest. So, what does James have to tell you?

Passion for testing

To introduce James Cowie a bit, he has been a known community member already for years - first as a developer for great companies like Space48 and Session Digital, later also as a Magento employee. He loves dealing with unit tests, SOLID, TDD and BDD. And he is also very known on the topics of PhpSpec (MageSpec) and Behat (BehatMage). With that, he also started a site hosting video casts on various topics, MageCasts.

Magento 2016 Magento Mover

In 2016, James was rewarded for his expertise, contributions to GitHub and his sharing of knowledge in the community, with being a Magento Mover. Currently, James is part of Magento ECG (Expert Consultancy Group), a group of Magento ninjas dealing with code audits, architectural advising, health checks and much more. Oh, and he is just also a very nice guy!

Proud to have him on board

We are proud to have James on board as well. With his expertise on BDD and specific Magento tools, we guarantee that your testing abilities are lifted. Visiting MageTestFest, therefore, becomes much more than the average Magento conference (some nice talks, meeting friends): It becomes a crucial learning experience if you want to keep making income with Magento 2 in the upcoming years.

Early birds until September 12th

Early Bird tickets are available until September 12th. Don't argue whether this is a smart investment, because having gurus like James Cowie on stage already proves that this event is a great value. It's just whether you want to play ball with testing or not.

Posted on 5 September 2017

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