Byte sponsors MageTestFest

No great conference is complete without great sponsors. And we are happy to announce that our first sponsor is Byte, a well-known hosting provider from The Netherlands. Let's see what they are up to and how they enhance the MageTestFest conference of November 17th, 2017.

Hypernode platform

Since many years, even before Magento was even a thing, Byte was already a hosting provider that mattered in The Netherlands. But as soon as Magento became popular, Byte started wondering what the ideal hosting platform would be. Pretty soon, they found out that offering developers the right tools was the way to go. In the end, this has resulted in the Hypernode platform - a hosting environment with all of the proper tools installed to get you going with Magento deployment: SSH, git, composer, deployment tools, monitoring, backups, etcetera. They even offer a Vagrant box that resembles their own environment so that you can properly test things before going live.

Community efforts

Besides their main business, the guys of Byte are also very involved in the community. Ranging from the widely spread MageReport security reports to the mwscan malware scanner, from Amsterdam Python Meetups to offline talks on running Magento on a phone-based cluster (thanks, Rick). Thanks to their effort, Magento is grown to be a much more secure and innovative e-commerce system. We are happy to have them as a sponsor.

Byte is on board, we have great speakers and the number of attendees is gradually growing. It is time to get on board quickly, because Early Bird discount is ending September 12th 2017. Are you in?

Written by Jisse Reitsma op 6 September 2017

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