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28 July 2018

Reacticon v2 is only two months away

Time is flying: Reacticon v2 is only two months away. And things are on the roll: We already have over 60 attendees and 2 main sponsors are in (Magento and Deity). If you want to join Reacticon, now is the time!

Version 2 of an awesome event

This Magento developer event - taking place on October 4th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - is going to be version 2, the first edition took place in March this year. In March, it was completely sold out (with 120 seats) and it already shows that version 2 is going to be just as awesome.

We don't have the feeling that we started the marketing yet and already 60 seats are taken.

The buzz

The buzz is on: Many PWA developers (among which Vue Storefront, Deity, FrontCommerce and Magento PWA Studio) have already signed up to come over to The Netherlands early October to discuss, brainstorm, listen, talk and interact on this topic that seems to become more important every day: PWA.

PWA is a hype for a reason

When you've dealt with the Magento stack for years, you know its frontend sucks. This is the main reason why PWA is such a hype in the Magento ecosystem nowadays. However, there is much more to say: PWA promises to be the future of webpages.

Outside of the scope of Magento, PWA is also hot: Google focuses heavily on it, JavaScript developers are in extremely high demand, new browser APIs become available through PWA technology. In short, PWA is here to stay. It is a hype, but it is a hype for a reason.

Get on board with Reacticon

Because of all this, Reacticon is the perfect event to learn more as a developer. And as a company, it might be really important to promote your brand as a sponsor. Do not wait too long: Get on board with Reacticon now! And ride the wave together with us!

Get your tickets at

Posted on 28 July 2018

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