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August 13, 2018

ExtDN goes MeetMagento Poland

Since some time now, Yireo is part of a network of Magento Extension Providers - ExtDN - which works to increase the quality level of Magento extensions. And I'm happy to announce that ExtDN is going to MeetMagento Poland this September.

Meet Magento in Poland

Every year, a great MeetMagento Poland takes place. Just like last year, it takes place in Krakow (Cracow) - the beautiful city known for its historical city, but now also known for its great Magento folks. This year - from September 10th to 11th - MeetMagento Poland will be even greater than last year.

The venue of MM18PL is Alvernia Planet, a spectacular conference center just outside of Krakow, with a great vibe for a conference that stands out. The teams of Snowdog, Bold and the MeetMagento Association are preparing a great event for us.

With a great program

If you take a glance at the agenda, you can see a huge diversity of topics: Security, dealing with burn-outs, Docker, Web Speech, diversity, testing, Google Cloud (serverless), AWS deployment, remote teams. And lots of PWA.


There is a huge presence of PWA topics at this conference: GraphQL, React, JS debugging, payment APIs - there is no shortage on topics in the headless area. The obvious reason is that PWA is the trending topic in the Magento community.

However, another reason for this focus is that the organizers - Snowdog and Bold - are both focused on PWA, specifically VueJS (and with that Vue Storefront. It is great to see that they are able to give so much attention to this important change of technology. It will proof important to all of us. Hell, I even see MM18PL now as competition to Reacticon. No, just kidding. Nah, not really.

Presence of ExtDN

Personally, I'm travelling down to give a talk on the combination of React components and the current (Knockout/Require) frontend. A brainfart. At the same time, I will be there, representing ExtDN, so if you have any questions regarding ExtDN do come to me.

Likewise, Fabian Schmengler of integer.net will talk about testing but is also able to answer any questions on the ExtDN PHP CodeSniffer project.

Additionally, all attendees will get an informational flyer of ExtDN containing some do's and don'ts with Magento extension development.

See you there?

Posted on August 13, 2018

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