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November 22, 2018

MageTestFest v2 tickets are now available

It is that time of year: You start planning the next year. Events should probably take in an important spot, because they allow you to grow to another level. MageTestFest is noteworthy for exactly that reason: It helps you boost your coding skills with regards to testing. Ticket sales is now open: Join us on March 7th in Florence, Italy!

Testing, only testing

This is going to be the second version of MageTestFest - an international Magento developer conference with a sole focus: Testing. Testing is such a huge topic and it has every reason for this. It allows all kinds of developers to create better code, even if testing is just applied in small incremental steps.

And MageTestFest is a single topic event that finally gives it the attention it deserves.

Florence, Italy

We have booked our venue - the Odeon Theatre in downtown Florence - and have started planning around it. The location will blow you away, we know because it has blown us away. In a town where you expect to bump into magical people like Leonardo DaVinci and Andra Lungu, where long lines of tourists queue up to see a glimpse of the Duomo, where Italians are constantly making weird handgestures, where the people talk funny with words like pizza and spaghetti, this is where MageTestFest will take place.

And you should see the Odeon Theatre - it is ... magical.

Early March 2019

The main conference day of MageTestFest will take place on March 7th 2019. The day after there will be a hackathon slash Contribution Day, depending on whose creditcard is used. And we are also working on two days of workshops before the main event - March 5th and 6th.

All in all, we are preparing for MageTestFest not just to be an event, but to be a learning experience. It will definitely be worthwhile a visit to Italy. And you will be able to write better code after it as well.

The program?

The program is still under way (and the Call for Speakers is still running). But rest assured, the program will be a bit focused on testing. We also focus on testing. There will be numerous authoritive speakers that help you as a novice as well as an advanced TDD zealot. We will publish more on this soon.

Get your Early Bird ticket now

Early Bird tickets are now for sale. Head over to the MageTestFest page to see the available options. Note that we will publish a bit more on the program in the upcoming weeks. For instance, we are currently working on what kind of workshops will be organized. Arrivederci.

Posted on November 22, 2018

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