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December 7, 2018

Too busy with things

We are too busy. Time flies when you are having fun. But so many things have happened in the past year that it is hard to get priorities straight. This is not yet an official yearly overview. This is a moment of rest, before the final closure of the year: What needs to be done before the end of the year?

Wrapping up Reacticon

Reacticon v2 was held two months ago (early October) but we still haven't wrapped up things around it. And that's a shame. Reacticon again marked some great news (DEITY, UPWARD introduced, PWA Studio news, Vue Storefront 2 announced) which is already a lot to process.

But it's not just PWA: The Magento market is changing rapidly into microservices. The deprecation of MySQL FULLTEXT search in favor of ElasticSearch is just part of this. So, I'll hope to commit myself to write some stuff on the meaning of Reacticon soon. It fits into a bigger picture and it is important to point this out.

What have we been busy with?

Instead, we've been busy: Busy with developer trainings in The Netherlands and Belgium. Busy with releasing some of our Magento 2 extensions (SalesBlock and DeleteAnyOrder). Busy with ExtDN. And busy with MageTestFest. And busy with life as well.

Perhaps a bit too busy?

Moving on ... to MageTestFest

Instead of just taking a rest, we are already moving ahead to things that will play in 2019: For instance, MageTestFest version 2 is being brought together as we speak: It is organized in Florence in March next year, which is only 3 months away now. Our experience tells us that this is actually a busy time with sponsors being brought in, a Call for Speakers running, arrangements for the venue and a lot more. You'll definitely hear from us soon with regards to this great event.

What about planning ahead?

Likewise, we have been talking to a lot of Magento solution partners, that are now looking forward to 2019 with custom projects in mind: There is a huge shortage of good Magento developers and how to solve it? Outsourcing doesn't work always - quality sometimes seems to be a cultural thing.

So instead, we are busy with putting together Magento trainings for students, fresh from college. And working together with a social company that works with autistic developers (the greatest devs in the world). And writing down new courses on React and DevOps. And working on online trainings. And extension validator tools. And more.

What about you?

So what about you? Without doubt, you are busy as well. But how are you preparing for this? What steps are you taking to attract new customers and new developers? Are your plans for 2019 ready?

With the current changes in Magento, it is fair to say that 2019 will bring further growth. What does your strategy look like?

Posted on December 7, 2018

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