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February 25, 2019

4 reasons why you shouldn't miss MageTestFest

MageTestFest (March 7th 2019) is upon us. And it is going to be an amazing event. Here are 4 reasons why you definitely should not miss out on this chance to join this event. And you have only few days to make up your mind!

1 - Testing is vital to become a better developer

Testing is part of the learning curve of a developer. Every time you hear an experienced developer, that developer will tell you that testing increases software quality. And it reduces costs. And it saves time on the long run.

The problem is that newbies need to get adjusted to this new way of development. So, as a company, if you realize that testing gives a higher revenue, it is a simple calculation to make sure that developers add testing to their learning curve. MageTestFest is part of this curve.

2 - This is going to be legendary

But MageTestFest is going to be more than just a good learning opportunity for developers: It is organized in the beautiful city of Florence, right in its old center. Imagine an old movie cinema, with classical seats, a beautiful ceiling, balconies and a great podium. Now, imagine Death Metal.

This is going to be legen ... (wait for it) ... dary: Not only will a great number of Magento developers be gathering with a huge focus on testing. They will all do that in a setting that is to be remembered.

3 - MageTestFest won't be back

This event won't be back on a short term. And it definitely will not be back in Italy. Sorry. Don't postpone till next year, because next year (2020) we will be focusing on a new Reacticon instead and in a place that is cold and rainy. MageTestFest will not happen soon again. Are you sure you can afford to skip it?

4 - Amazing chance to see Florence

MageTestFest is great on its own. But it is also an opportunity to see a different angle of Florence (Firenze), instead of just the touristic side that most people usually do. The workshops and hackathon are organized on the location of The Student Hotel, a co-working space, which demonstrates that Firenze is both about the old stuff as well as the new stuff. The after-party at Hostel Tasso shows Florence can be trendy as well.

Firenze is a vibrant city with a lot of things going on. Our MageTestFest event gives a view on the Italian side of it.

Get your tickets now!

Last chance. Make sure you get your ticket in time to become part of this crazy but meaningful Magento developer conference: magetestfest.com

Posted on February 25, 2019

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