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April 1, 2019

Reacticon 3 is taking place on April 6th 2019!

The Magento PWA conference is back again: We are happy to announce Reacticon 3 takes place. And much sooner than we might have imagined: Already in a couple of days, this upcoming Saturday. This is going to be wild. Make sure to be there!

PLEASE NOTE: This was an Aprils Fools' Day joke. This Saturday, it is just my mom coming over and she is not bringing any chairs.

Another blazing Yireo event

Reacticon 1 took place in April 2018 and took about 4 months of preparation. With Reacticon 2, things became more professional in October of that same year with even less preparation. And merely, a few months later, early March 2019, MageTestFest 2 took place in Florence, Italy.

I told people I would slow down with organizing events. But screw it, I'm doing the opposite: I will organize a conference in a matter of days. Let's see where this ends up to be.

Location yet to be determined

While we have speculated that the next location of Reacticon might be somewhere out of the Netherlands but still within Europe, recent events have dramatically changed this. You know, there is this island nearby, filled with people with opposite views, and this island is slowly drifting away from the main stream. And while Reacticon 3 still takes place a whole week before the actual hard breaking, we felt it would be a bad idea to organize it there because of all of the uncertainty. For instance, would we still be able to import huge loads of stroopwafels?

Instead, Reacticon 3 is going to take place in my home in Soest, The Netherlands. Because there is a really limited number of seats (30 or so, more if I borrow chairs from my mom), attendance is only possible after a lengthy selection procedure and completely biased choices.

Want a ticket?

Want a ticket? Send me a direct tweet at @jissereitsma and we'll get started. The procedure for being admitted probably takes about 7 days, so make sure to apply quickly.

Pre-announcement: Yireo PWA is underway!

There is more great news: With Yireo, I've been training Magento developers for years now. And one of the conclusions I was able to make was that new JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue are actually overly complex, mainly because they are so different from what Magento developers already know, without any added values. Instead, all developers I talk to actually love KnockoutJS for its maturity and its ease of use.

So we have picked up on this and will add a new solution to the existing list of Magento PWA providers (Magento PWA Studio, DEITY, Vue Storefront and FrontCommerce): The work is not done yet, but we already have a name: Scrubtaculous. Scrubtaculous will offer a complete PWA solution, based on KnockoutJS and supporting both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Stay tuned for more news on this amazing tool that will require zero migration and will turn your Magento shop into a PWA with almost no work.

Pricing probably will start at 30K, allowing all code to be custom written for every customer. However, we are still working on a marketing campaign to first announce availability of this solution to everybody (including Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce). We will then mention it will be published to the Magento Marketplace. And then, suddenly, our phrasing will change so that it only becomes available to a few, most likely those that made it into my living room.

Reacticon 3 is going to be great

Forget about the other events, especially the ones that are now using the Magento brand and need to be renamed to Adobe: This event is different, really community-driven, offensive and simply kicking ass. Do not miss out. Hope to see you all soon in my living room!

Posted on April 1, 2019

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