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November 16, 2019

Reacticon 3 is coming

The news was already out there and few started to ask even when ticket sales would start. But first, the official news statement: Reacticon 3 is coming. Now, wait in anticipation.

Version 3 of a success story

In 2018, Reacticon version 1 and 2 took place: The first one felt like a chaotic trial but attracted 120 attendees and was sold out in a month. Because of this, we welt we needed to organize Reacticon 2 only about 5 months later, which attracted nearly 200 attendees.

Why was this success? Well, basically because PWA is a hype. It is because Magento developers are fed up with the old frontend architecture and are in need of something better.

The devs are in the lead

So Reacticon makes a difference: It hooks into the hype, but it goes a step further as well. Instead of just shouting out that PWA is great, with Reacticon, we are able to dive into the deep, discuss the nifty details, focus upon the tech stuff.

Version 3 will be a continuation on the same path: Where v1 felt like an experiment, v2 took place in the midst of all discussions. And now, with v3, the whole headless movement is slowly becoming mature, mainstream. This is the time that everybody starts with headless development.


We needed a theme. But after a succesfull but tiresome MageTestFest on Italian grounds, we felt that Reacticon 3 should take place in The Netherlands after all.

At the same time, I personally always dreamed about organizing a DevParadise - the famous Magento dev event that took place in the past in places like Ibiza and Croatia. Organizing a dev event is a great thing. But organizing a dev event and then calling it a paradise is something else.

But here it goes anyway: Reacticon v3 is like the next DevParadise.

A jungle ... in The Netherlands

Yeah right, I hear you say, a DevParadise ... in the Netherlands? If you know the Netherlands, you might think about bicycles, wooden shoes and rain. Lots of rain. There is little tropical in there. Right?

Still, we will add a jungle vibe to the event. It will be Eden-like. It will feel biblical and epic. It will be tropical. It will feel like a DevParadise you have never attended before. And we'll guide you through the jungle with a nerd-like focus on PWA that you will find awesome.

Practicalities so far

I know, I know, after reading all of this, the first thing you want to do is to book your tickets: Hold your horses (hidden reference), ticket sales has not started yet. But we'll working on that soon. The event venue is booked though and the planning has begun. And the date is known: June 8th to 11th 2020.

The schedule is also being put together as we speak: Because the total event will cover a whopping four days, we'll be having two days of workshops (think Vue, React, Vue Storefront, DEITY, PWA Studio and more) and two days of conference. Also note that on June 12th, MageTitans Groningen (you know, the one organized by weird guys in the north of The Netherlands) will take place. And perhaps on June 13th a hackathon.

Book the space in your agenda. Because this time, Reacticon is going to be bigger, bolder and better than before. Stay tuned.

Posted on November 16, 2019

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