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March 26, 2020

Reacticon moved to October 2020

With the Corona crisis slowly reaching new heights, it was to be expected: Reacticon v3 is not able to take place in June 2020. Instead, we have moved things to October. And we are still excited to make this great event happen!

New date: October 12th to 15th 2020

We managed to rebook our awesome venue - the Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands - for a week in October: From Monday, October 12th to Thursday, October 15th, we will bring you Reacticon from the Burgers Zoo as planned.

The weather might be a bit chillier - the weather is always unpredictable in The Netherlands - but that would only enhance the tropical atmosphere of the zoo.

Why not skip a year?

The Corona crisis is a fact that we need to deal with. One of the possible scenarios was to skip the entire year. However, e-commerce as a whole could be on the rise, because of the crisis. And as such, PWA and headless are too important to just shove away. Because the topics are still so relevant, we found it only a good idea to postpone the conference with a couple of months. Cross-fingers that this will be enough.

Are you still coming?

We are still hoping that Reacticon version 3 will be bigger and better than Reacticon 2. Let us know if you are still thinking of coming!

Existing attendees & sponsors

We had already a handful of sponsors and a couple of dozen signups. We will be informing everyone manually in the upcoming days. If the new dates are not fitting, a full refund is in place.

In between ....?

In the meanwhile, we are working hard on the conference, regardless of the postponed date. This means that we have more time to dive into topics itself, improve the quality of the talks, do research in various areas and keep you up-to-date on headless, PWA and Reacticon. Let's see each other online!

Posted on March 26, 2020

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