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September 23, 2020

Inviting the US and India to Reacticon 3

Reacticon - the leading developer conference on Magento frontend development - is only three weeks away, taking place on October 13th to 15th. Slowly, the program is being put together. But we are aiming for time slots to be choosen in such a way that both the Indian subcontinent and the US of A is able to join. Curious? Keep reading.

Timezones that are kind of right for most people

Currently, we are still working out the details of the program. But it seems the late afternoon and early evening of Europa is ok for India to join, while those times are also not too early for people in the US.

This is kind of important, because in Europa we have seen already so many cool events - MageTitans, MageUnconference, MageTestFest, Reacticon - with both Asia and America missing out, that we felt it was time that they should enjoy conferences like these also. And now, the time is right: The event is online, so that everybody is able to join. The event is free, so that people with tighter budgets are able to join. A win-win for all.

Three days of frontend tech

Why this event is not to be miss out on? Because most if not all of the Magento frontend experts will be joining and will be sharing their knowledge on a huge variety of topics. While earlier, the idea was to organize Reacticon v3 with only two days of content (plus a hackathon plus workshops), the online version covers three days.

The first day focuses on Vue (so Vue Storefront plays a vital role here). The second day, React is the main topic: Obviously some large portion of the day will be about Magento PWA Studio, but alternatives will be discussed as well. The third day will allow for remaining topics: Bits of React, bits of tuning of traditional frontends, bits on exciting new features that will be jawdropping.

Join the Slack space

What we add content-wise is what we remove in structure: There are no tickets to buy, not a lot of email marketing, only a few sponsors. Instead of using so kind of nifty event platform (for which there is no budget), we'll resort to a separate Slack space (check the Reacticon site for the link) and live-streaming with Zoom (streamed to YouTube). So if you are up for lifting your skills on frontending, join the Slack channels now, because you are in for a treat!

Posted on September 23, 2020

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