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October 26, 2020

Reacticon is a wrap

Almost two weeks ago, from October 13th to October 15th, Reacticon v3 took place, organized by Yireo. Three days full of frontend development talks. But not just PWA. Refreshing alternatives to the current Magento frontend passed by as well. Here is the wrap up.

Vue, React and other stuff

The online and free conference was spreading three days, which proved to be challenging energy-wise but tremenduous fun at the same time. The first day kicked off with a focus on Vue and Shopware. This included the regular Vue Storefront crowd, with lots of talks on the Next version based on Nuxt. But it also included two talks by Shopware insiders, which was in the end grately appreciated by the Magento crowd, as more and more Magento developers are considering Shopware as a good alternative to Magento 1.

React was the focus on the second day. Not only just Magento PWA Studio, but NextJS, DEITY and FrontCommerce also presented their interesting bits, which shows that the ecosystem is larger than just Magento. Finally, the third way was for the left-overs. Naah, I'm joking: Actually, the third day proved that the future of Magento frontending isn't necessarily about PWA-only. There was a talk on replacing on the Magento checkout with a React-based checkout. And talks on a "PWA half-breed" (my words) ScandiPWA which combines React with the usual Magento theming behaviour. And a talk on MagePack.

And we went out with a bang with a talk on a non-PWA alternative Hyvä (it must be European with those dots). But likewise the day started with a talk on a Laravel-based frontend. And both shared the same delightful mix of Alpine and Tailwind. The message is clear: Frontending is more than PWA.

Everything is on YouTube

All videos are now available on the YouTube channel of Yireo: youtube.com/c/Yireo. Do make sure to watch them if you could not make it to Reacticon, because the topics covered on this conference will be moving the ecosystem in new directions. I'm not shitting you.

Most slides are available too

Most of the presentations are also available for download via the Reacticon program too. Together with the videos they make for a wonderful learning experience.

And a soundtrack

As always with conferences, I spent some time on finding nice music. Not a real soundtrack that was tuned per speaker. But more of an elevator music for nerds. The soundtrack is also listed on the Reacticon program page.

Want to learn more?

Are you getting excited about all of this? Well, Yireo's got your back: We regularly give training in Magento 2, Magento PWA Studio, React and Vue Storefront. And this November, we'll also add Shopware 6 to this portfolio. Come checkout our upcoming trainings or contact us for custom training or any questions that you might have.

Posted on October 26, 2020

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